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Lower Keys Community

Big Pine Key is part of the Lower Florida Keys and is second only to Key Largo in size.  It is over 8 miles long, almost 3 miles at its widest, and comprises over 5,800 acres.  It is home to the Key Deer Refuge, which began in 1954.  To date, their are only a few hundred Key Deer left.  Being about the size of a German Shepherd, their main predators are local dogs and cars driving to fast.
Big Pine Key is also dotted with natural sinkholes, and a large one named the Blue Hole is home to several alligators.  From mile marker 32 (which is the south end of the Seven Mile bridge) to mile marker 5 is considered the Lower Keys.  Sugarloaf Key at mile marker 20 is home to the famous Bat Tower built in the 1920's.  Built with the idea that bats would eat mosquitos, which are plentiful in the area, yet failed when all of the bats flew away.

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