Best of The Florida Keys

Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, The Lower Keys & Key West

Navigating the Keys

To visit the Florida Keys by land, head south on U.S. 1 in Florida City.  It's the only way to get to our islands by car.  From Florida City on  the mainland, you will notice things get quiet.  No gas stations or conveinance stores for the next 20 miles or so until you reach Key Largo, the first island south of the Florida mainland. Key West is approximately 100 miles south of Key Largo. In between are the islands of Islamorada, Long Key, Marathon, Big Pine Key and many more. Key Largo is about a 1 1/2 hour drive from Miami Airport
and Key West is roughly another 2 hours drive.

When using our guide, you will see the abbreviation "m.m.". This stands for "mile marker". Mile markers are small green signs on the side of the road that represent what mile you are located at on the overseas highway (US 1). Mile markers go lower as you go further south. The beginning of Key Largo is located at mile marker 107. Key West begins at mile marker 5 and ends at 0.

 Their are Forty-three bridges that connect all of our islands, including our passage to the mainland.  Only one remains a drawbridge, located at Snake Creek in Islamorada.  

Another mode of transportation to reach the Florida Keys is by air.  Key West and Marathon are home to our only airports.  Both offer services by multi carriers and also have auto rentals if needed.

Some visitors arrive by personal boat.  It is suggested that you call ahead and make reservations at a marina before departing your home port.  Be sure to have navigational equipment for our shallow waters.  Reefs and flats can be very unforgiving, as well as the fine for running aground.

Those who visit during a cruise will arrive in Key West at the Port.  Usually in town for only a few hours, it would be hard to visit any of the other Florida Keys.  It's best spending your day strolling Key West and seeing all it has to offer.  Transportation in Key West varies.  You can check out scooter rentals, a bicycle, electric cars, trolley or catch the Conch Train to see the 5 mile island.

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