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Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, The Lower Keys & Key West

Things to Know

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Five "must have" item's for a great day on the water:
  • shade
  • a cover-up or long sleeved shirt
  • hat or cap
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen
Most visitors are not use to our sun.  Before you know it you are sunburned.  If you are heading out on the water, it is suggested that you use a sunscreen with at least SPF 15.  For the best protection, apply sunscreen 30 minutes BEFORE going outdoors.  Don't forget to protect ears, nose, lips and tops of feet.
Take sunscreen with you to reapply during the day.


Tips for your Florida Keys visit
  • Instead of spending your entire trip on one key, spend a few days in the Upper Keys, Middle Keys and Lower Keys. Each area is unique and has much to offer.
  • If you are planning on fishing or diving, be sure and get a copy of updated rules and regulations. These can be found in the front of our local phone book or by calling the Florida Marine Patrol. Local residents and authorities are not forgiving of violators. FLORIDA KEY
  • Jet-skiers, you must follow the rules of navigation like any other boat and avoid operating your craft in such a manner as to cause any harm to the environment or annoyance to other persons. For those that rent jet-skis, this is not usually a problem since rental craft are limited to designated areas and monitored by the rental company.
  • Lobster traps have owners and are a commercial business.  It is illegal to open, take traps or their content.  Anyone caught can be charged with a felony.
  •  Visit the reef, don't harass it by touching the coral or taking the sea creatures from their natural environment. FLORIDA KEYS
  •  If you are navigating a boat, be sure and purchase and study official navigational charts before you launch. Running aground only damages the environment and your boat. Unlike your boat, only great periods of time can repair the environment. Laziness is the sole cause of poor seamanship. FLORIDA KEYS
  •  When fishing for sport, enjoy your catch, but enjoy the release just as much. If you are fishing for dinner (e.g. dolphin, grouper) take only enough for your meal. Make your friends and co-workers catch their own fish. After all, the fun is in the catch, not the meal. FLORIDA KEYS
  •  Please don't litter. Key Largo is home to five federally endangered species.  Not a single one can survive if their habitat is filled with garbage.  On behalf of the wood rat, American crocodile, indigo snake, Key Largo cotton mouse and the Schaus swallowtail butterfly...... thank you. FLORIDA KEYS
  •  Sunblock: It is a good rule to apply sunblock before you go outside. Our cool tradewinds will fool you into thinking you are not burning, until it's too late.  And who wants to spend their vacation looking like a steamed lobster?  The higher the SPF factor the better off you are. FLORIDA KEYS
  •  If you are bringing pets, be careful not to leave them in cars for even a short time. Temperatures soar in excess of 100 degrees in a car in minutes. FLORIDA KEYS

Additional tips for Key West visitors
  •  Parking - Key West has areas that are designated "resident parking only". Non-residents that park in these areas will be towed and fined. The best place to park in the Duval Street area is the City Parking Deck. This tip courtesy of Southpoint Divers in Key West.
  •  Scooters and bikes - if you rent a scooter or bike while in Key West, the traffic rules are the exactly the same as if you were driving a car. Thus, you cannot drive the wrong way up a one way street, run stop signs, etc. In addition, scooter horns are to be used like horns on a automobile. If you are driving down the road beeping the horn for amusement, you will receive a ticket.

Enjoy, and welcome again to Best of The Florida Keys.
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